• zubaira 9w

    Your memories are faded now
    You were my best friend
    I can't believe you did it ,how?
    You have given me sense of love once
    You pulled me to you
    I have no light now
    Coz you have stolen my Sun
    You are sitting with me too near
    But what I go through you don't even  want to hear
    Once you said you are my soulmate
    Ans now you don't even care
    You left me like a stranger
    Now I am tearin your letter
    To meet you now , is my fear
    You didn't tried to even know me
    Is it you , or someone else , show me
    As you hold my hand I felt I am complete
    You said you'll stay will me
    Now you left me in this crowded street
    A long time,  has passed now
    You are memories are faded now.

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    Careless bestie