• 300roses 10w

    "What was she striving for?
    Toiling day in day out.
    Fulfilling endless assignments,
    Chasing narrow timelines.
    Getting shoved back & forth,
    Lost in the frenzy.

    What was she striving for?
    Sloughing thru' the hours,
    Late nights,
    Restless sleep,
    Frantic dreams,
    Lost in perpetual fatigue.

    Why was she pushing so hard?
    She asked herself.
    Her mind had the answer.
    To prove her worth,
    A compelling need for her ability to be acknowledged.

    Was it worth it?
    She asked herself.
    For it seems her efforts were transparent.
    Instead, more & more was demanded of her,
    Draining her energy,
    Straining her heart,
    Weakening her spirit.
    She lost interest in what she loved to do.
    Writing used to invigorate her,
    But now there was no joy in it no more.

    What was she striving for?
    She asked herself once more.
    No answer was forthcoming.
    She knew it no more."