• sadhanajoshi 9w

    On a sultry noon,
    A phone call in my call log made a lot of sense. I checked into an inn. With a relaxed gut I stood at the window waiting for a longing desire. A knock on the door shivered my sensuality. She stood with a bottle of wine, her hair semi wet, a goddess of unknown place, she has an unusual smile, she came to make love with an unloved soul. I looked at her blossoms trying to avoid the contact with her eyes, after all eyes are the eye of love- they see through an opaque wall.
    She sits on the edge of the bed, waiting for me, I wait for her. She handles her vulnerabilities to me. Her heavy breathe into my ears makes me ask her if she ever made love. I dared to ask her in the middle of our intimacy, she says she makes love every day. It makes me wonder if I ever made love to a woman, it reminds me of my lost Love, when I made love with her. Here, she takes my muscle into her, I give my part for the sake of pleasure, the bodies entwined like once my soul was entwined with my love.
    I am done with her now. She starts dressing up, i start questioning again. She leaves. I am left with nothingness again.

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    On a sultry noon...

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