• _anushka__ 36w

    (n.) Fear of trust.

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    Trust never came
    so easy to me, you know?
    I've lived in denial,
    faking trust even to myself,
    Proving me wrong at
    each and every step.

    Truth to be told,
    I lost the ability to trust
    a long time ago,
    I don't exactly remember when,
    but I did.

    I no longer remember
    how it felt like to let go and fall,
    trusting someone to catch you.

    I've been afraid of
    the fall since I let go,
    and there was no one to catch me.
    I'd shattered into a million pieces,
    And I'd to put them together
    in a mess that I'm right now,
    All by myself.
    I've been afraid ever since.

    And these doors
    have remained
    Shut since then,
    oh the chains have rusted.
    I can't open them,
    No matter how much I want,
    no matter how hard I try.

    Look at what I did,
    Oh, I've locked myself in.