• little_infinity 10w

    I remember lying on your chest,
    But I never really knew it was gonna be the last time,
    With my head on your chest,
    With tears falling from your eyes and mine too!
    Why is the fate so evil?
    Why did it take you away from me?
    I was there with you when you took your last breath,
    But you still breathe in my chest, in my dreams, in my heart!
    The fate just took you away from me,
    But darling, you will be forever in my dreams and memories!
    I lock you in my heart and you are forever safe there,
    Till my last breath!
    No matter how far we are,
    it is said some lives are linked across time;
    Hope to see you again in another world, in another time,
    And I would never let you go then,
    And I'll lay forever on your chest!
    I love you forever!

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    The last breath