• abdullah_ramzan 31w

    Birthday-The last message

    Dear Love, You are an amazing lady, the most beautiful, intellect and caring person. Still miss those old days actually they were the best. All the smiling, happy moments they were like I cannot pull out any of them stîll giving me goosebumps with an incredible change of emotions and my heart starts beating a bit more rapid. Like extreme happiness, i stalk you like everyday none of day has passed without even thinking of yourself and i swear. I wish I could see you again, i so want to meet you. still remember that day and your smiling face when I handed over you the chocolate once it still makes me so much happy to think of you smile. I’ve been doing many things after that keeping myself under the radar but every time I thought of messaging you I didn’t because i never had the courage but it’s your birthday and i know you’ll be super happy and that gave me and exuberant yes to wish you. You know it’s really tough to live in hostel but i made it through hope it will pay off.