• imaginedemon 31w

    Her opening of eyes
    like a sunrise as moon hides;
    inaugrates sunrise after long dark night
    scintillating rays inside, rise
    through the blinking eyes
    she became sightly verse in disguise

    Her scars
    deeply carved marks
    coruscates in the dark
    as melting soul leaks with spark
    through the cracks she hides
    vibrations describes
    the space filled with lines
    is nothing but
    her curves of stretch marks in disguise.

    Her cries
    screams the pain she fights
    emerges through crystalline
    glittering watery eyes
    like cosmic pearl that shines
    brighter that neutron star light
    erases the pain with her all might
    engraved on paper by surprise;
    screaming painful verses in disguise

    Her tears
    glides collapsing waves
    on plateau, bring tides
    submerges the lines in her heart
    she keeps inside
    from the emotionless world she hides
    her dreams washed away is the
    rhythm of the poem in disguise.

    Her lips
    silkier than petals of flower
    symmetrical parted pink lines
    like two rainbows in blue sky
    is the fountain of colours in disguise
    she colours the poem lines
    with mellifluous kisses;
    on her universe's lips all night.

    Her heart
    thundering clouds in disguise
    beats with lightening strikes
    as she rhymes
    the verses on a piece of paper
    beats the sight
    at horizon; the sunrise
    as her dream again smiles
    he is her inspiration in disguise

    Her figure ,
    flexuous framework of poem in disguise
    elegant wavy catwalk
    her pliant waist is how river flows
    all over the paper, she grows
    disguised as dancing peacock
    leaves tint of red hue on her plateau
    as she blushes with smile

    Her soul
    is the poem in disguise
    esse of the creation, a paradise
    her universe's pride
    his precious priceless prize
    holds her hand with delight
    embraces her soul
    melts with her cries
    flows through her vein
    he is her ink in disguise.

    Her eternal love for his bright sunrise
    His sacrifice for her might
    sculpted her into a poem
    he croon all day and night
    which even God recites.

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