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    It's a tribute to our great scientists of ISRO who have worked so hard to make this mission Chandrayaan 2 a great success. So what, if we missed this time ,we will come again with more motivated and high spirit and we will surely hoist our tricolour on Moon's surface. We are really proud of our great scientists of ISRO. We are always with you.

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    Chandrayaan 2

    Chandrayaan2 is not only a mission
    It is a hope and source of inspiration

    For millions of young minds
    Who dare to see strenuous dreams

    Scientists had spent many sleepless nights
    To make their country feel pride

    So what, if they can't hit the bull's eye
    We all know they are capable to touch the sky

    Their hard work will never go in vain
    It will open the threshold of the new adventurous lane

    So now Moon is not far away
    We will reach there on our sedulous sleigh

    So wait for us, hey Moon
    We are just on the way to reach you soon