• raga111 5w

    Ill tell you a story
    Today i saw a video,
    It doesn't mean i watched today
    Literally im into tears
    Not by watching emotional video..
    How some things come to our life..
    We dont know right
    But watching this i felt..
    God sent us for a purpose right..
    I believe in it..
    Due to obligations in life we feel..
    Living our own life only became difficulty
    But thinking on tht everbody forgetting..
    On wht point..we are leaving..
    Wht is their purpose on life..
    If a weekend comes,for a job holder..
    I worked whole day..a weeked he/she feels..
    I need to enjoy..
    Spend money..
    You feel like your ruling ur own world..
    By your money..
    Entrepreneurs..next story
    Next what to say..
    They feel wht is there in life..
    I got enough money..
    Everywhere blindly we fell in love with money
    Now its God, some point in life he comes in other forms..
    Son/daughter its is not your purpose..
    Its your selfish need
    I came to know purpose for life
    Feed the hunger
    That pain is the biggest pain in the world
    Purpose? your hardwork your enjoying
    But that is not life guys..
    Please dont blindfold eyes..
    This entire text i kept with tears..
    My purpose in life ,i decided from this
    If u dont hv that much money..
    If you find atleast one hunger stomach..
    You feed him,acc to your strategy..
    The real purpose is that frds..
    I hope im not hurting..
    In gods way my purpose his
    To reach this msg
    We can say in dialogues
    They are also like us
    Thay can earn money
    But did you ever see their lives
    Environment they brought
    Then how they will be knowing to earn money.
    A person educated not able to make money.
    How those innocent people can earn..
    See from your pure eyes,to person who is hunger is only eyes,only is eyes..
    Definetly atleast it helps in realizing..
    Wht is your purpose off life..
    Think once