• abugemba 5w

    Shall I leash or Unleash You?
    -Abu gemba

    Alas! I could have been more gentle to you, for the sake of humanity,
    Oh! Sorry but which humanity? The one which is full of vanity?
    Your heart is pure, so is your greatness unmatchable,
    The bond you share is however, detachable.

    I couldn't stop staring at your eyes which are so innocent and pure,
    You've got everything, except the cruellest heart of humans and eyes that lure.
    Sorry my poor mate!
    The Adam of this century is thus a frail,
    With the sins and immorality consistently hails.
    Eve also has some dead, muddy and ill rapture,
    She has committed too many sins not easy to capture.

    How foolish you are !
    At the point you would love to say that,
    When you are juxtaposed with the two legged mammal's brat.
    The creature who restricts and kick you off,
    Couldn't you see? the same creature,
    how could you lick them up?

    I guess humans ate fruit of knowledge; but forgot to keep,
    You're way more better than humans, hence your eyes so deep,
    There is no any match of humans with you even if they leap.

    I had more to apologize you,
    Humans still fails to recognise you,
    So, my question to you is,
    shall I leash you or unleash you?