• nomadnad 6w

    Who are you? I wonder?
    The sound of your voice
    The sun in your sweet sweet skin
    Your blackness. Does your skin taste like blue mountain coffee?
    Does your soul sing like the wailers on pulsating guitar chords. You have lit my curiosity. Set fire to the wick and I’m burning to know. To get close enough to let my light illuminate your details
    I can tell you come from old time places
    Where hello good mornings and good days are not abnormal
    I can tell you come from painful places
    I can feel it. I can hear it when you tell me.
    Talk to me of where your blood has been
    And where you plan to take it
    Talk to me of freedom, and how you plan to make it
    Tell me your story, you’ve lived only the beginning. I can see your glory
    Black skin brimming, deep smile shining, inner peace and search for love and longing I can see
    You’re lonely like me awaiting something better. Come now.
    Let’s fly somewhere together. And get to know each other
    Escape the inclement weather
    Come now