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    Unwilling migration
    Long back my forefathers,
    For few morsels of food
    Left their beloved homeland,
    The beautiful Manglore far behind
    To some unknown land
    And left behind the fragrance of
    Their favourite flower
    That is manglore mallige
    They planted every sapling
    With utmost care and love
    Nurturing it with water
    And manure
    Protecting the plants from
    Pests and rodents
    Weeding and trimming
    To perfection
    That was their devotion,
    To each plant they have grown
    At the break of dawn
    Each member of the family
    Woke up to pluck the flowers
    Gathered in the courtyard
    And neatly weaved the garlands
    With thread made of banana husk
    Measured and tied into bundles
    But never before offering it
    To the family deities
    Carefully arranged in a basket
    Sold in marketplaces
    Houses and temples
    Deities adorned with garlands
    Fragrance mingled with
    Chanting of prayers
    Smell of jasmine
    Lingering in marriage halls
    Decoration of bride's plait is,
    Incomplete without manglore mallige
    Every morning manglore city is engulfed
    In the scent of this holy flower
    Giving passerby a divine feeling
    © happy_saint

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    ( Manglore Jasmine )
    © happy_saint