• barbatos 5w

    School Life...

    It was a bright Monday morning, my mother woke me up so early, got me all freshed, gave me my breakfast and made me wear some unusual kind of dress, and all I listened was my mother saying, "Today is your first day at school." Confused was my mind and so was me, all I did was sitting in my car and thinking, "What kind of place is that and why am I in wearing such lose clothes, a bag of books and well polished shoes ?", as my father drove the car. Soon I reached some building where there were many small kids all looking same like me, same were the clothes, bags hanging over there back and polished shoes. Been terrified I started crying, soon came an aunty who took me to a room where there were many again like me sitting on bench with, some crying out, some sitting silently, some glaring at ech other and she made me sit behind some unknown little kid and I was like, "Who's this guy now!!" Soon was me talking to this unknown one asking out his name. Then I realised this is a place to find new people, new friends, a new world outside my house. Again came an aunty with long stick in her hands and saying, "Good Morning Kids." It took days for little kids like us to realise that this place is know as School and the aunty/uncle walking around are the teachers. Days went on and so was the time stamp, those others whom I didn't knew at the very first day soon turned out to be friends and there started the journey of friendship. Soon did this friendship turned into a bond of family, from small little kids learning 'ABC' and '123' , to sharing pencils, erasers, textbooks, getting beatings from teachers, scoring good and bad marks in class tests, getting scoldings from parents after PTA meetings, waiting for vacations and enjoying holidays, getting excited for games period, playing cricket and football at school ground during holidays with classmates, dancing in classes during breaks, dancing on stages during annual days, participating in school sports, we all grew up. Then came the board exams of 10th and so the results, after which many of us got separated, some coming back together to the same school, some going to other, but all which remained was the bond of friendship. Then came other part of life, where the new meeting up with friends were the tuition places. Life went on, the final days of schooling came and so the farewell with tears in everyone's eyes, so came 12th boards and results, all got separated, with some going to same collages, some going to different. All I did was waiting for college vacations so that all of us could get again reunited not for many days atleast for a day, to remember the old school days.
    The only thing that is common among this is it all begins with crying among strangers and ends with crying together as a family.
    All I do now is thinking about those good memories waiting for a reunion and saying, "Those were the days." I referred is not about me the one writing this, it can be you the one reading this and thinking about your school days, it can the one who is going to get over his/her school days, it can be anyone who misses their school life.