• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    The Determined Clinician

    A medical practitioner mastered in business
    She is exquisite & patient in her provess
    Determined she is to be the best in her vocation
    Day & night to succeed is she striving
    Living independently, working with passion
    She is certainly an upcoming sawbones
    Focussing on her self image is she daily
    Working hard to be fit & designedly healthy

    She is social with the ones she cares
    And dedicated to be rightful always
    Playing only by the rules in all walks of life
    Various phases undulating she battles in the strife
    Keeping her friend's closer each time
    Like her is her social life - very sublime
    The right groom does she await to hitch with
    With her family the groom search is in process

    She is dedicated & patient as she must be
    Awaiting the right moment, the spark to brighten
    A fun loving, loud & perceptive is she
    Living with a style and goal unique