• saraleeg 5w

    I am grateful

    I am grateful because I have all I need to succeed.

    I am grateful because I can define and infinitely redefine what that means.

    The blessings in my life are countless, I’m grateful I can see.

    I’m grateful for the freedom I’ve been granted, to live as I please.

    I’m grateful
    for the forgiveness of my /sins/
    and I’m grateful it’s all relative
    to the convictions within me.

    I’m grateful for the smile across my cheeks due to the divine hope in me that doesn’t cease.

    I’m grateful for Grace and Peace.

    The Peace of God is divine, and God’s Grace is bliss; there’s no state of being in which I’d rather be.

    I’m grateful that in God, I’ve found all I seek & all I’ll ever need.

    I’m grateful that through Universal Laws, biblical promises, and scientific breakthroughs, I‘ve been set free to believe & experience what freedom truly means.

    I believe God is the one and only source of the divine in both you and me but the truth is, my view is subjective too…So, what is true to you, what you believe, is relative to what you are able to consciously See.

    I pray the Universe reveals that
    God, Source, is our only constant.
    So, we can all live freely
    without questioning our choice in spiritual practice, for the development of our faith faculty in the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Almighty.