• obiba_jj 31w

    I've woken to the prayers of my mother
    The tears of an aching woman
    I've come back home to the clean clothes by my mother's hand
    The back aches of a lady
    I've smelt the aroma from my mother's kitchen
    The burns of a young girl
    Today I see the strands of her grey hair
    The cracks in the sole of her feet
    The scars on her body
    That woman was once a girl
    A girl full of dreams and hopes
    And I wonder, did they ever come true?
    Is her today the tomorrow she saw yesterday?
    She has walked, warred and prayed,
    So mere words are not nearly worthy of her praise.
    For her labour has placed in my feeble palms power,
    Mother, you've been my strength
    My home and my hold
    Today we celebrate you
    Our souls chant your name
    We've loved you, like you always have
    Happy mother's day