• mydhily_sunilkumar 5w

    The Hole,
    Somehow gets deeper and deeper,
    Out of control.
    I am struggling to not fall into it.
    A nonchalant abyss is what it leads to,
    Once there,
    What if I can't climb out of it?
    It scares me, the hole,
    Getting bigger and deeper everyday.
    Me fervently searching for something,
    Anything that I can hold onto,
    Nothing seems to be strong enough.
    My alter ego makes sure of it..
    And if one day,
    I do lose,
    I lose and I fall into the hole,
    Leave me there,
    For it would have consumed me by then,
    I'd cause more pain to those who help me,
    Don't stay and endure it
    I'm not worth it.
    All I'm worth is- The Hole.