• rbarrera 23w


    If love can hang stars on high,
    Can paint clouds that drift on by,
    Can catch stars fall in the sky,
    Can mend the rain when it will cry,
    Please show me how.
    If love can send a message through space,
    A dot of kiss on a female's face,
    If it, the lovers ways can trace,
    And erase your mind, in a commonplace,
    Please show me how.
    If love controls the world that swings,
    Infinite joy and bliss it brings,
    A promise forever in a ring,
    A simple but important thing,
    Please show me how.
    If love can make our hearts cry,
    A given rose, finds it hard to die,
    The truth behind all the lies,
    Sure, you'll always be my...
    So please show me NOW.