• headfullofrhymes 51w

    I have a feeling that you really care
    I have a feeling that it's true
    Whatever we share

    Yeah I think we'll be together
    Getting a strong feeling
    We are meant to be forever

    Got a feeling or maybe a hunch
    Waiting for the day when
    We're in our beach house,having a brunch

    Under the night sky,gazing at the stars
    My head on her lap
    We're living the moment,not thinking far

    Money,luxury,servants we don't want that
    We just want to be together
    We're true about that

    Yeah,I be the king,you be the queen
    Let's say kachow
    Just like Lightning McQueen

    You and me together that's my dream
    We're atop a mountain
    Baby we can scream

    I love it,when you give me the warmest hug
    I feel so happy when
    We share coffee from the same mug

    Oh boy,what a wonderful thing
    I wanna complete your empty finger
    Complete it with a ring

    Why am I blushing while writing this
    Standing in the chapel,saying “I do”
    Butterflies in my stomach as I imagine it

    Yeah what a wonderful thing it'd be ��,I just let the feelings flow onto the paper,tell me what you think about it
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