• rebelpjones 23w

    Meditation pt.3
    By RebelpJones

    Calling all opened eye's,
    All the soldiers who realise,
    Humanity needs help in the next year's
    seventy five
    to be exact guys,
    This has been told to me
    as awakening unfolds in me,

    It's the picturesque imprint stitched inside of the threads of my conscious deep,
    This is where I travel to see,
    This is where I speak
    to the spirit in me,

    There's a war going on
    in every aspect of life
    And it's going on invisibly
    right in front of your face,

    You're kept blind and in check,
    And you stay in line because your promised a monthly check,
    And they've made it that way
    For a purpose a reason,
    This is not a theory,
       connect all the lines,
            this can all be proven,

    Look at the poison
    in water and medicine,
    Look at the sex abuse
    in the church and
    money laundering through brain Washing tactics in politics and religion.

    Toxic skies, poisoned air to breathe
    Venom injected to all the world's seeds, in other words there's no safe food left for eating, there's no true education in our schools
    for the teachers to be teaching,

    I never intended to start preaching,
    I started this for self healing,
    It became so much more,
    And the truth started making itself visible and appealing,

    It began bursting out of me
    with this incredible feeling,
    A testimony became a teaching,

    The spirit has a funny way
    of choosing
    the most unlikely speaker,
    A little deep meditation and the spirit within becomes your guiding light
    And teacher.