• anomalous1999 6w

    A World of my Own

    Day by day its haunting me
    I can't make any decision
    Forgot for what purpose
    I am here
    An abomination of mentality
    I am insane
    I am nothing
    I am useless
    I think too much
    I dream too much
    Nope I have seen too much
    Felt too much
    Time is near to
    Take the suicide solution
    (You ain't nothing)
    (You are too afraid to take your life)
    (You are fake)
    (You mean nothing to others)
    (Worthless,you shouldn't have been born)
    They keeps curses me in my mind.

    I too wanted a everday normal guy' life
    A clown of my own consciousness
    Won't let it happen.
    They are laughing, encouraging me,
    To jump from the sky.

    I wanna just wake up
    In the vast field of flowers
    With all of them I imagined

    A World of my Own!