• gopikajoshi 6w


    I was in my class 5, it was an year before
    I met my true best friend, but before meeting her friendship was all about this girl.She had a thick curly hair like bushes on her head and a glass around her eyes
    I was new to the class,new to the school,it was my first day.After a long waiting in the HM room,they finally decided to dump me in sec E , so I became 5E student and the journey begins here,There were around 5-6 more students along with me and we all lined up to our new classroom
    As I entered the door of my class,a sudden silence took over,and the teacher inside called herself as Rashmi Giri, she was so pretty that students couldn't help falling in love with her and also to her super English class.. luckily she was my class teacher, Standing near the board, looking at everyone in aww and others inturn staring,she asked me to choose my own seat, looking around everywhere the class was literally full exept two or three seats
    Bushy haired girl pulled her bag away for me to sit as she was a single seater,but my eyes choose something else and I sat on a seat in front,where one cute tiny girl was sitting, walking near her,she took her bag off and I finally sat with her. Turning back around I saw that some people didn't stop their staring still, turning front I asked my partner her name,she said it in a soft tone which even i couldn't hear being just inches away..she was nasiya
    a girl so silent,she barely talks but smiles always.The class starts and I hope you people don't want that learning stuff..

    To be continued soon