• sarahx 6w

    I live my life
    I'm not afraid of the storms
    I'm not a doll to be played with
    I'm not a cloth to be torn

    I believed what was presented
    I forgot what was right
    I forgot what i was gifted with
    I forgot my God's might

    In displease I was taught lesson
    Of joy, pain , sorrow and grief
    Pain suffered without a concession
    Lessons for my path retrieved

    Thou I cried alot
    Shedding my tears in pain
    I was brutally treated
    My eyes shedding tears like rain

    I forgot was true
    I dwelled on lies
    Those pretty words of comfort
    My stomach filled with butterflies

    Never was I tamed by human
    Nor will I ever be
    My God knows my heart
    My love was sold for free