• nahida_naaz 35w


    She would tell me stories
    Of fairies and stars.
    Read me poems
    About sunsets and hills.
    Pointing her finger towards the moon,
    She would tell me that I could reach it.
    She used to smile and laugh
    When I sang silly songs
    And joyfully danced to my own music.
    She would paint butterflies for me
    And show the beauty in things.
    She would bring me rose buds
    And showed me how they bloomed into red roses.
    She taught me to caress animals, making me realize
    That love and kindness was all one needed.
    She gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give,
    Of books, stories and beautiful dreams.
    She made me read and see the world through words.
    She kindled hope in my heart when the times were dark,
    Kissed me good night on both warm and rainy nights.
    She was someone who I wanted to be every single day;
    Loving and admiring her in every possible way.
    She was the one I could run back to
    And cry till my tears went dry.
    She was someone who could change
    My frowns into smiles
    My tears into laughter
    And fears into hopes.
    But mid-way I lost her somewhere:
    Very far from my reach.
    So far that even when we sit together,
    I cannot approach her.
    We look at each other yet
    Our eyes don’t speak the same language.
    We laugh together but our doubts stop us from getting closer.
    Sometimes I get a glimpse of her from the past
    But it fades away too soon.
    I take a step back for I don’t want to hurt her more.
    But often before my eyes close for the day,
    There’s a whisper which escapes my lips.
    Thinking about all the good times and
    The infinite love between us,
    It says, ‘Ammi, I miss you more with each passing day.’