• rebelpjones 10w

    The Face of God

    How do we have a picture
    of a face for the devil
    but not for God
    Perhaps they are
    one in the same
    I question this often fore
    often times it seems
    to me kind of odd.

    I believe different than
    what you do
    Somehow that makes
    Me off?
    Because I have my own
    and perception
    Of God?

    No religious following
    Just a hunger for
    truth knowledge
    And wisdom
    the Bible is
    nothing more
    than a story to me
    And Christ is an element
    In my mind, 
    a higher level
    of thinking in me,

    This world we're in
    This life were living
    Such a mess,
    it seems so chaotic
    Yet everything
    was supposedly an
    Intricate perfectly
    Made design.

    I feel long ago
    we got it so wrong,
    And have done nothing
    thus far, but repeat the history
    That's left true spirit
    suspended and lost in translation,
    Starseeds light bringers and children
    Of the lost,
    Returning once again to introduce
    The world to the face of God.

    To teach us that face exists on each one of us.
    Blessed be and cursed was
    Until that time we return back to the stars and the dust.