• three65 5w

    Mental, Physical, Spiritual:

    My whisky breath is SPIRITual
    My PEN is Physical
    My thoughts are Mental
    On second thoughts ....
    Don’t have insurance ancillary Dental
    Imma white boy Occidental
    Married to a Tokyo Girl Oriental
    Ply my trade with two thumbs
    Rank n File ... just a number
    My vision vernacular orbital
    Cranium's Occipital
    Not writing not optional
    It’s a lost opportunity
    Possible, plausible !!
    My writing is of a six-sense ability
    Emotionally I feel empathy
    My arthritic bone density
    Affects my "wanking" ability
    Hard to stay upbeat surrounded by Negativity
    My life’s a modern day Matrix
    Technology driven let’s face it
    Neo in the matrix if ya face fits
    Global domination
    Sexual frustration
    & a mistress dominatrix
    Leather whip, ball-gag scantily clad
    Imma sexual magician, sensual tricks
    & bedroom acrobatic antics
    A social misfit misfire when I spit
    Cum dribbled into prophylactics
    Sweet Mother of Joseph
    Yeshua's wife Mary Magdalene
    & Jesus conception immaculate
    Crucifixion ....Burial ..... Resurrection
    OMG if you believe in reincarnation
    Is Kanye really "Black-Jesus"
    Don’t suffer with inferiority
    Have a God Complex
    That’s a ‘blessing’ not a disease
    Keep ya simple life
    One Dog, two & a half kids ....wedded-wife
    Cotton wool wrapped in case ya sneeze
    Catching Zzzzzz
    Boredom turns into 'Snoredom'
    Dwelling in doldrums
    Not meant for this life of monotony
    Homogenous monogamy
    Prolly gene sequenced towards polygamy
    My cock's as big as a small man
    That's why I named him PIGMY
    Whilst small-cock men suffer indignity
    Ebony is just another name for Black Mahogany
    Simply put I'm an Emcee Rhyme-Writing Prodigy
    Beats staring at the stars ..Astrology
    Bouncing to Hip Hop beats ..
    Hilltop Hoods Anthology
    MC Suffa....Pressure & DJ Debris
    Australian Hip Hop Royalty

    ......& then there's three65's Rhymology