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    (P. S.: Inspired by one line spoken by Ranveer Singh in a conversation during Actor's Roundtable-2019).

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    Sounds of Emotions

    I fondly remember laughing
    Freely, crazily, gaily,
    On the sea-shore -
    Chorusing mother Sea's laughter
    As the wave came pluning towards me.
    And just in the other moment
    while the tide unfurled -
    You could hear my tears
    Seeping into the Sand,
    First Kaboom !
    And then slithering like a serpent
    Hushedly moaning then.
    This cycle continued,
    So it does now as well -
    Just that I miss my sea now.

    Behind my old home,
    There used to be these railway tracks
    The way this train gurgled in,
    Is how I remember excitement.
    But, growing up - the same train
    Which spoke of excitement,
    Mumbled monotony.
    May be too much of excitement was mundane !?

    There used to be a 'washing paddle'
    A wooden plank with handle
    Which was used to wash clothes,
    I wonder if anger resembles it's thap-thap somehow ?
    The way it used to hit the garment
    Brought shivers to me -
    They would have spilled all the blood out
    If those garments had veins
    Or heart for that matter.

    Those yellow-brown leaves -
    Decayed, withered dry,
    Being crumbled under those feet
    Reminds what destitution is!
    You have fallen off your grace,
    Not even able to fly
    Or walk a few steps -
    To protect itself.

    That little envy that you try to hide
    Makes it's sporadic noise now and again
    Like those maize and millets being roasted
    In the open camp-fire.
    Its all quiet and still and then it spurs;
    Out of nowhere, that sound:
    That's the jealousy breaking it's way out.

    Pee-pee, pow-pow, sheew!
    That's how frustration acts
    Constantly honking into our heads
    Making us realize we are stuck
    While everything else is motional.

    The constant nagging of the clock
    Reminds of the internal pain
    Moving slowly and steadily
    At it's pre-defined pace,
    Though subtle enough to be observed
    Amidst this chaos called life.

    But love, love introduced me to sound of serenity,
    The one that is found
    As the moonlight passes over a murky field
    Soothing, calming, alleviating
    Like being whispered by Divinity.