• nilainks 5w


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    I think it's time I grew up
    Time that I stop letting you effect my responses
    It's time I held on strong
    Stop being so very afraid
    And quit punishing myself for the past and all that can't be helped.
    I would still serve my life on a platter gladly if it meant you never got hurt
    Seeing something related to you still squeezes my heart
    Nevertheless I need to let this go

    This world is so very small for you and me to not ever meet again
    We will have our run ins
    Fate has always had wierd sadist humour in store for us
    We keep meeting no matter how ever I hide.
    You keep finding me even when you are not on the lookout( I don't know if its true..but am hoping... praying it's so,that u have quit seeking)
    But we have a whole lot of sunrises to view And I need to stop letting the fog of regret steal the grand view
    I need to be able to smile serenly at you with out a pang in my heart
    So I quil my knee jerk reaction of fear and move on