• emilylove1818 9w

    Real Fake

    Why can't I be a part of your world?
    Why must you be an illusion in my mind and heart and nothing more?
    If you were real I could surpass to greater happiness
    If you were real I could use my full potential
    But your a fake, and after hours of loving you
    It is now over

    And now I'm crying wishing you would last longer
    Even if your not real
    I want magic!
    I want friends!
    I want adventures!
    I want to protect!

    I've been under a spell
    I've been indulged in something fake

    Something that doesn't exist has caused me to feel genuine love and happiness

    Maybe not genuine, but regardless I felt it

    And now that it's come to an end
    The illusion has caused me to feel sadness

    A longing, a wishing, to be able to make the fake real. Really real.