• devanshiagiwal 47w

    Heartbreaks are common

    Everyone has to suffer with heartbreaks.
    Heartbreaks are common. It's not necessary that the people who are in love only suffers from it.
    It's everyone who goes through this phase. Yes it's you. It's me. It's everyone of us. But most specifically teens!WHY? Just because we get attached to someone very instantly. Like in a day or two we get close to a person and we consider them as an important part of our life. But we never know that behind their innocent face lies a fake one. And the day they leave us we get sad and it's one kind of heartbreak too. Breaking of hearts is common. It's not a big issue. Just we should know how to hold on things and be calm during this phase of life. Because there's no use crying over small things. It hurts but it's okay.We should face everything in life. It's life and heartbreaks are obvious. Because our expectations are high and people tend to hurt us! Just during a heartbreak fake a smile and the person who is responsible for it will be heartbroken even more.