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    Some people are like a movie. A movie which has been blockbuster, received many awards, many recognitions also critically acclaimed yet you don't like it. People are being crazy and you simply don't like that. You watch that movie and no matter what you don't like it. You try to find all those things which had been being said about it and you find nothing. You feel no emotion or attachment and that's when you question yourself. You just think if you're wrong or have done any mistake recognising the essence of that but what we forget is no matter how hard you try some things aren't meant for you. What you don't like, you simply don't like. Human heart catches every vibe.
    That's how some people are. They're not meant for you. They're whole in their way, you don't like them still. Sometimes it feels like it's all a puzzle and the piece doesn't fit in your figure of life on the other hand they complete an other puzzle being an important piece.
    What we do is try to make them fit in our lives but still feel incomplete. What we need to understand is that they aren't odd, they are just not even for you..!!
    15 November, 2019
    10:20 AM #nature #life #thoughts #diary #poetry #inspiration #love #friendship

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    They are not odd
    They're just not even for you..
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