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    First time tried seeing the bright side of my home town- RAIPUR
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    Hey, am the eldest kid!
    Of the most introvert state.
    Born from the heart of the country,
    I am still inclined towards its taste.
    Driven by its tribes,
    I hold a long moustache of rice.
    Juvenile by age not by brain,
    I too aspire to get in the lane.
    Suppressed by the peers,
    I ride calm and straight!
    With plenty of opportunities,
    I will secure its right!
    Don't blame me,
    For the naxalite you see.
    Its only the mirage,
    that vanishes with time.
    I am not bragging in pride,
    With all the flaws, their exists my bright side.
    Join me in to have a ride.
    And proove this to be a joyous ride.