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    Are My Words Untouchable?

    Are My Words Untouchable…..

    Are my words having caste or black hue that remain unread
    Or untouched like the lepers—the words like birds
    Soar up higher at the dawn of the thoughts and the
    Thoughts like the day being sung to the tune
    Of the calmness of love covered with multi-Colors 
    Canvas of the Mother Nature—are the lips Brahmins
    While reading the words would be Unhallowed 
    Their lips and their belief shuddered mere upon
    Utterance of my words, whose mother is the soul
    having no caste or creed and is sown in the 
    Field of the heart with seasons of sorrow and the pains
    of the world at times with drizzles of the glee by the
    Grower of love— the love-seeker he who inters hatred 
    And tills the heart and grows upon flowers of love
    Giving off fragrance of soul’s crepuscule serenity 
    with glowing reality to every nook and cranny— the Birth
    of both words and the human life is the same ,
    They are born without any their own chosen identity
    Only the identity is imposed upon them to be recognized 
    And to be called by the world—Are my words having
    Caste or hue that remain untouched like the untouchable
    Ones of India or the black ones whose lives laden with pains
    and the rain of sorrows, whose existence thought to be worst by
    Those evil ones who are on astray with intoxication
    of caste or skin and creed of being important than the 
    Depressed Ones that leads them nowhere but 
    darkness of Ignorance where the life stands deprived 
    of all the Colors of invisible creation of the ‘Creator’—
    Being aware that all living beings are the offspring
    of the same Mother-nature whose blessings and love
    fall equally and miraculously upon all yet the ignorance
    rule the roost over their minds and the hearts being
    submerged deep in the rill of delusion losing fusion
    with the knoweldge buried inside their hearts connected
    with love that unlocks the locked door of light—the words
    hanker for the thirsty soul and as parched as bone lips
    and the tender hands to hold them close to their hearts
    to merge with their heart-thumping that is far beyond
    of hatred on the basis of the shadow of caste and racism 
    and whose creed is mere ‘LOVE’ cradles on humanity---Are 
    my words Untouchable …
    Written by : Narendra Rai
    All Rights Reserved©Narendra Rai, July, 23,2016…