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    Save battery . Save lives.
    In the poem (in the previous page) the battery is a metaphor for our life or if taken simply just our energy. I meant to say that we often waste our energy on trying to look like something or trying to attract ( live wallpapers) . But sometimes its better to keep it quite and calm and save battery (plain wallpaper) . And ovio the black has its own significance.

    Battery Saver

    Wallpapers kept getting livelier through the years,

    The falling snow,

    And the swimming fish,

    The zooming earth,

    And the shrinking ships,

    The thinking stars,

    And the moving solar eclipse.

    But none could be compared to,

    The stillness of,

    The black emptiness,

    The void of nothingness,

    The hue of darkness,

    Apps dancing on blank,


    © Alexrex

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    Battery saver