• ladyein 4w

    operetta for the damned

    an operetta for the damned
    cursed by this world
    to wander around aimlessly
    with no point or purpose

    alone and in despair
    while your peers around you
    all gleefully serenade their loved ones
    with languages of love, impossible to understand

    you've tried so valiantly
    and you have done your absolute best
    but it's not enough for some reason
    even though it looks so easy

    you were told this place isnt for you
    that your triumphs in love existant elsewhere
    you kept that to your heart
    told by the very person you expected to feel the same

    until it was ripped out of your chest
    while you watch in astonishment
    as the very friend who told you that
    begins to serenade their lover

    why? you ask
    does nobody like me?
    am i the only one in this world
    who will always be alone?

    you watch your friend swoon their lover
    as they become distant and rude
    often insulting you on your stupidity
    and making a mockery of your feelings

    but they insist you're they're best friend
    while they ignore you and dont care
    dont ask you how you are, or talk to you much
    but pretend they're always there

    so you know you're alone in this world
    no more, you insist
    you cant stand the feeling anymore
    as your mind sinks into the abyss

    a miasma covers your view
    you're filled with sadness and impulse
    as you take that knife up to your heart
    and kill it so no one else could