• stephenleacock 6w


    Elections going on since march
    Corona marching from the start
    People fighting over power
    Corona going on by the hour
    We went to school and thought us about morals
    Corona moving thru by the numbers
    We all fighting for the same thing
    Corona is a real thing
    The flow of money isn't there
    Business places and workers fighting for air
    We need leaders who care
    Because the people are getting scared
    Fire and crime  going up like a flair
    How much more can the people go thru with things that should be fair?
    Religion says the end is near
    Covid19 is running like the hair
    We need someone to sware.
    The truth or dare.
    The people needs the care.
    Covid19 is the new ware.
    Alcohol sprayed in the air
    We're all here.
    Guyana on the air.
    The headdress
    waiting in the