• guesswho 5w


    I woke up next to her...
    Had a quickie yesterday
    But we both fell asleep...

    She's still dreaming
    Probably of the perfect man.
    The perfect man who doesn't
    Ejaculate prematurely.

    I slowly get up and get my breakfast -

    I sit in my living room
    And I wonder what my life's

    But hey...
    At least I ejaculated...
    She came too -
    Man, was she loud.

    At least she's quiet now...
    Sounded like a dog to be honest.
    I'm just waiting here
    Until she'll leave.

    She better leave!
    I just wanted sex.

    I take a sip of my beer.
    (Good stuff... in the morning.
    Refreshing. Waking you up.
    Better than coffee)

    I think she got up.
    "Hey honey," she says.
    What honey?
    I ain't her honey.

    "Got your stuff?" I ask.
    She smiles - naughty.
    "What, are you kicking me
    Out now?"

    "There's the door."
    Fuck, she doesn't wanna

    "I know, silly! I just
    Thought we could have

    I raise my beer.
    She comes closer.
    "Had fun yesterday."

    She still smiles.
    Why she smiling?
    I ain't beautiful.
    Neither is she...

    "When can we repeat this?"
    She asks...
    Is she serious?
    God help me out here.

    "Not sure.
    There's the door. I'll call."
    Heck I won't.

    "Okay!" She says and giggles.
    I hate girls who giggle.
    Ain't nothin' funny -
    They giggle.

    She leaves the house.
    I jump into the shower...
    Gotta beat my meat.
    (Don't judge - it's early
    In the morning!)

    Thinking 'bout the next girl.