• valerie_okeke 5w

    Just me thinking out loud...
    Comment and let me know if there is anytime your comfort zone feels like it's holding you back from really being you ����

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    Comfort Or Restraint?

    My addiction to my comfort zone scares me
    The way I'm in love with comfort terrifies me
    I know it isn't right
    I know i should get out of my comfort zone
    But only knowing something doesn't help
    It's what you do with what you know right?
    And I happen to not be willing to do anything about this
    Is it fear or laziness that's preventing me?
    I don't know, I'm not sure
    All I know is that I've found myself so attached to comfort, I refuse to do anything that will distrupt it in anyway
    Its crazy, believe me I know
    But like I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure how ready I am to do anything about it.
    I no longer know whether to call it comfort or restraint