• ritvik_tuteja 9w

    The All Time Mainstay of Education

    The lady who transforms lives each second
    She is a hero, an inspiration & living legend
    Following her passion through her lifetime
    The coziest & fan's favorite school has she made a brand
    A lady of a firm character & a broad mindset
    She's the Indian version of Queen Elizabeth
    A lady of perseverance, principles & intelligence
    Her survival to every life makes a difference

    Her dream of establishing a brand undying,
    With it thrives the educatuon of million children
    For each human is she focused on positives
    With a warm heart & smile, of people is she in complete acceptance
    Age is simply a number to her.
    At a ripe age of 70, she is firm & fiery in power.
    Valuing the little aspects of life,
    She is highly valued by each human of all kind

    Her contentment & happiness lies in that of others,
    On whom has she impacted & those she holds dear
    A lady aspiring to have the best educational institution ever,
    Her focus is not academics but evolving mental health to be better
    Her doors are always open until she resigns for the day,
    For each one she holds a special bond; beyond a best friend