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    No matter what someone says, handwritten letters are still and will always be irreplaceable. The feeling of unfolding it, rereading it and letting the tears flow freely and be absorbed by the yellowness of the letters, that feeling would be irreplaceable. Sadly, I don't know where you are...nor do I know if you'd even read it. So, i decided to write it here to you. I know you won't read it...but atleast I would've said everything that I could never say to you in person. Trust me, I am so sorry and I regret it so much for not telling you how I feel. But, I had my reasons and i know that if I would've told you those reasons, you would've understood and forgiven me. That's just how great of a human being you are. And that's the one and only thing I saw when I fell for you. I still remember that day...when you and I made an eye contact for the first time and that was it... That was the moment I wished you were mine and I was yours. Since then, I did not want to be a minute without you. I wanted your hand in mine, I craved that touch of yours at all costs. I needed to be looking at you all the time. That's how deeply, madly and passionately I fell in love with you.

    They have many definitions of what a soulmate is. And i must be too young to be saying this but, you fit in every definition of a soulmate. You were perfect. I spent years believing that perfection doesn't exist, only beauty does. And no beauty is perfect. That was all only till the moment before I laid my eyes on you... because when I did, I lost my mind. Every belief, every truth and lie, every hurt, every kind of pain, every betrayal, every taste of poison, every bittersweet memory, everything just faded away. It was like...the whole world just stopped revolving and it was only you and me in the entire universe until you said hello. And god that angelic voice of yours became the music of some old song that we remember after a long long time and when we do, we can't stop listening to it. You were that old song that I always craved after a bad day. Little did you know that something as small as your hello was to become my refuge in the darkest times. And I spent a lifetime in love with you while you said your first hello.

    They say that it's true love when you fall for someone before you even touch their skin. And hell I was never able to touch you, yet, I was so madly in love with you because from the first moment, I loved that astonishing mind of yours and not your body. I loved how your eyes shone brighter than the galaxies when you talked about the things you liked. I loved how you were so kind to everybody and how the tiniest and the smallest moments would make you so passionate and in love with life. I loved you. And I will always continue to be in love with you even if you're far away, even if I can't ever touch you, even if the whole world of mine comes crashing down. No matter what storms form outside me, I assure you that it will never disrupt my love for you inside me. Even if I don't ever get the courage to tell you, there's one thing you should know... If you need me, I'll be there. I will always be your home, your safe place even if you can't be mine. I will always be yours. And I will always be as deeply in love with you as I was the day we met.

    With infinite love,
    Your well-wisher

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    "And I spent a lifetime in love with you
    while you said your first hello"