• haistrk 9w

    Ode to "love"

    Kissing on the couch
    From your face my hands going south
    Laying on you
    You laying on me
    Feelings of desperation suddenly flee
    Taking your clothes of
    My breath stops for a minute
    Serotonin levels rise to their limits
    I do the same
    Theres no feel of shame
    Straight back to the action
    It feels like a fraction
    Two naked bodies in turbulence
    Under the sheats theres no one else
    Love dripping down your body
    We don't need nobody
    Fingers slowly dropping below.
    what freezes time i want to know
    Moans of joy
    You made me your toy
    I squeeze you to me
    It sounds like a sweet symphony
    Biting my jaw it hurts youre doing it so hardly
    Moans now coming out sharply
    Inhale and exhale
    This feeling so frail
    Now its over
    Feelings leftover
    You smile at me
    I feel lightheaded
    These thouts in my mind forever embedded