• itiolavictor 11w

    In the universe I created three minutes ago
    A universe with no limitation
    The kind I can carry everywhere I go
    He lives in a space below my imagination
    For easy access

    I check in each day
    To see the big bang theory
    I replicated in my universe
    Only instead of two bodies colliding

    It was a clash between poetry and inspiration
    The two colliding resulting to words and tenses
    Rhymes and metaphors
    Similes and personification
    Apostrophe and a lot that I will not mention

    The secret formula I will keep in my imagination
    For my universe is not bound by earthly laws
    Rather an algorithm searching for new words
    And saving them among the clouds
    Instead of water to rain
    Words fall down when the cloud weeps

    The sun will display a random word forever
    And the moon two words that rhyme
    I am pleased of my creation
    The universe of words


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