• zimba00 9w

    Day 1 ( 21-22/09/2020 )

    A very exciting day to begin with.
    Woke up early had shower and prayed to God . Also just went to each and every person in my life who have been with me and just seeked blessings for them too.
    The day began with a team meeting.
    Met my team lead and team manager also met my new team.
    My team manager is Anupama and team system lead is david laran . So whole day interaction was with david as Anupama is getting ready for the great festive scale program.
    So talkin' about david. Such a friendly person. He was so excited to meet us and welcome us that when we called him sir , he suggested not to . Coz he wanted us to call by name or by any Nickname we gave him . So friendly environment . Yes amazon is gonna be exciting . Day 1 proved it.
    Then I met a new friend from Dayanand Sagar college Bangalore who is in the same team his name is yashwanth we call him Yash .. so it's like even though I'm a social person I know who has that wavelength connect and yes I felt Yash was someone like my college buddies. Really happy and excited to be with him.
    And team consists of rithika , vyashnavi , anjitha with whom I just had a small intro conversation with.

    Ammu was there with me when I was in a meeting . The best moment of the day 1 . Though she came and went . But for me it's like the happy moment . You know right when your special person is at all you steps in life you feel that joy. That's really great Alle.... I always motivate myself telling no matter what ammu is there. That's enough for me.
    Day 1 I just held her handkerchief and I sat for the meeting. Even I gave my interview holding that. Feeling like I'm holding her hand in nervous situation and the tighter I crush it the better I feel. Somewhat warmth somewhat that feel of " don't worry everything is gonna be right ". .. she's knows how pissed off I'll be today. Somewhere somehow I know she' is with me always.

    Then , I saw the real true loved ones who celebrated my new beginning. It's my amma , pappa and brother. ❤️
    When I switched on my laptop and sitting . I could see there happiness and their feeling somewhere feeling proud their son has took his first step of responsibility and my brother feeling proud of me knowing I have shared his responsibilities.
    That something very cheerful and encouraging Alle .

    And my dearest friends. Who just wished me all through the day. Called me asked if everything is fine , how was your day that this did you have your lunch. How is the workplace and all . That was nice when we buddies have chained up to support eachother and go with eachother no matter what wherever we are. This is a life time bonding that I take along with from my hostel. ❤️

    I just wanna add two lines from my favourite movie. - the pursuit of happyness .

    " This part of my life .. this little part ... Is called happiness"

    Thank you.