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    Tetractys for sacrifice

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    Scupper of grin- sacrifice

    Under the shade of banyan bark, fabricating the beads into twirls of sacrifices. This could be the ultimatum of struggles one faced. Besides the physical and mental compromise emotional faveolus surround the girth of monotony.
    Immolate could have different faces but an analogy in the suffering visible only from recondite insight. It's serene rain over the bed of thorns with a quasi monopoly on furs.
    Blind spot of the eye lacks optic nerve still it's absence could spread the darkness in the world alike sacrificies are those disregarded muffled oysters on the shore which sweep away the hunger of peckish. Life can't go as smoothly as we wish, at a point or the other many has sacrificed something valuable than their breath.
    People today overlook every deed of theirs as a sacrifice. Bit of struggle for our own responsibilities don't count upon it. It brings eking over the survival of someone precious. Self happiness is harmed by the fake smile over the face to gleam the verse of sacrifice. Besides the other act of smoking, drinking and fuddling people started counting sacrifice as an act of becoming cool. Without being enough ingenious, actions can't define the spirituality of it.
    They ain't any act of coolness but the continuous sleepless nights of a person working for dreams, they are the tears of a lover for the happiness of their mate. They ain't a joke but somebody's life for the country or the creases over a mother's arm for her family.
    We should stop making joke of something we don't have enough knowledge about.


    of the
    unarmed deeds
    with the jitter of
    hopes and gift of blues in eyes for eternity. //