• minakshi_sngh 6w

    Help me!!

    Help me, I'm drowning
    Under the ocean of my own strange feeling
    And I don't know how to swim
    I can't let my depression win this time..

    Help me to find out my inner peace
    Coz my mind scream alot nd alot
    But now it don't have enough energy
    And seeking for the help..

    Help me to find out the key of my cage
    Peace is waiting for me for a long time
    I want to save myself from the voice
    They never let me sleep on time..

    Help me when the world get sleep
    And my eyes doing struggle for the same
    Come and hug me so tight that I can sleep
    In your arm peacefully..

    Help me, if you are here for real
    Take me away to mountains
    And make me to do skydiving coz
    I want to fly, fly and fly...