• sarah221 10w

    My child

    I want her to be happy
    As I sit and watch her grow
    Her small hands in mine
    And eyes full of trust and love
    I watched her first steps
    Her very first breath
    I watch as her bones grow stronger
    And she grows taller
    Like a young sycamore tree
    As it blossoms into something beautiful
    I watch her laugh her eyes dance with the merriment of a thousand lights
    I hold her as she cries
    Her heartbreak real as she gasps for breath each spasm rocking her body
    I cry with her but for myself for those lost years
    I read her stories of magic and queens
    I watched and listened to all her unrealistic dreams
    I smiled as she had swept it enthusiastic and exited showing the diamond sparking on her finger
    I helped her pick out her dress as she twirled and laughed
    I bathed in her happiness
    And at her wedding I grinned and hugged her
    I told her I will always love her
    When she had her first child
    I was there as her tears rolled down her cheeks
    She held her too me and smiled proud of her achievement
    And I was proud for her as I held the baby close
    The love shone in her eyes bright and sparkling
    Yet something went wrong he moved on
    I held her as she sobbed broken tears of pain and held her child close in my arms the same
    She told me she was going to be strong for her child as I was for her
    But after she left the dread filled me
    I got the phone call and I screamed my head going empty I fainted
    I saw her her broken shell she was no longer with me and I collapsed in on myself
    Her child survived and I watched her fight
    I needed her to make it through this dark night
    And so I made a promise to my child
    As I looked at hers
    She will never feel this hurt and I'll tell her this story
    Of her mother and hope she brings her name to glory
    Because even in death she was beautiful
    And my heart was buried with her shell
    Even though I know her souls free
    It will never be for me