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    ***Its Selfie Time!!***

    Moments ,Years ,Centuries far behind ..Once up on a time in world.

    One biggest flood over and world was isolated and no more life left in the planet!

    God became engaged in creation activities. He invented a new creature called Human. For his comfort god given other animals and birds. He grows trees and fruits and vegetables. Sweet and warm rivers and ponds were there for water. Meadows and caves were created for him to sleep safe in day and night. Birds chirps made an alarm for him for a great morning. Still when he moaned for his loneliness he created woman and other generations from her.

    When he started getting all the things without asking human became desperate for new things. He made dress from the leaves, then god decrease the temperature .then he made cloths from animal fur. When he felt bored of caves he cut the trees and made wooden homes. When he felt the fruits are not good he started cultivation and start cooking for himself. He made more than he wanted. Whatever he got more he started selling in black. He wanted more in his hand, thus he cut down more trees created land and made fences for it. He started conquering others lands also. God shown his anger though landslides rain and thunder. But human ignored the warning of nature.

    From existing time he was exploiting the Mother Nature by varies ways. Now he started dumping wastes in the rivers chemicals, plastics and all types. He contaminated the natural form of water. He started burning the wastes things which made the environment even hotter. Global warming happened .Temperature level of planet became uneven.

    Human desires never stopped. He made marriages also a business. He trashed the equality concept of god. he created different religions and questioned the power of god. He poisoned the minds of people with religion. Even in the name of animals they worshiped they started slaughtering people. They started killing each other proving their god is great. He made a new class of rich and poor.

    Then he inserted venom called political parties in the brains of people. He again separated people in the name of this parties .He looted people in all possible ways. He started using technology to a dangerous level and everything done on his fingertip .He created atom bomb to ruin other nations.. A time came when kids, woman, man, old people, transgender even animals were brutally raped and murdered for his pleasures. The queen of justice also became a game in his hands. Money was talking for him. The words love,care and justice got expired from the dictionary of world by human. Safety of people became a threat everywhere. He was crossing his limits as human. He took selfie’s of everything and spread throughout the world as his achievements. When people and land was suffering, when the world reflected the ugliness of his mind, he done surgeries to alter his natural beauty and become more handsom. He was again craving for new selfie.

    One day god appeared before him.

    He asked “did you ever seen Flood?”

    He replied with pride. “Send it. I want to take selfie with that”. He was taking selfie one after other. Water was rising. At last his battery charge got over. He took his eyes out from his mobile. He was standing in the midst of water. His home his family, relatives friends were gone. He became afraid. It was raining massively land sliding and flood was in a worse stage. He shouted. ”God stop.. I don’t want this, flood.. please stop” he begged. But his lamentations also drowned in the sound of flood. The wastes he thrown to the nature in oldtimes, filled in his mouth and covered his body. His body was never found from the wastes. The World never seen his selfies too after.

    Same day Later!

    God took human’s phone in his hands

    Said to himself “Its Selfie time”

    There was a new post from god in social media of world that day.

    God in yoyo Style ...

    "Flood & myself !!!"-feeling Restored .


    (What ever happen is not changeable.. At least we have our life..our people..Please open your eyes and we all together can catch back everything..Lets together try hard for our second chance..)