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    Oh my better half!
    Prologue #1 {Part I of II} - 5th Anniversary.


    He stares at my greatly disheveled outlook counting from the creases my burqa folded in to the peculiarity of how my nosepiece was adjusted, upon which one could easily specify as a haste movement. His eyes blinks twice before retaining his conscience.
    "I'm not taking you in that." His finger waves in air tracing all of me and his crossed arms tells me he's certain.
    "Why-What's wrong with this?" I raise my hands up in defense.
    "No-something presentable. And hey- no burqa tonight."
    I elevate my brows with no expectations of my look being mirrored. Yes, his suggestion, came as a surprise.


    I enter the bedroom half in excitement, quarter in rage and quarter in positive jealousy for why had he been looking better than me?
    He, on the other hand, was a gentleman dressed for the night. His suit was neatly set from the collar to the hem and pants, his hairs slicked back which happens only on rare occassions and his ever-present glasses, well-still present.

    After rummaging through my wardrobe for 10 minutes which actually felt like a decade, a red sari gave into my arms. I held it from afar to get a better view- gifted by my dearest husband (eye roll) two years back on the occassion of our baby shower. He named the sari's gorgeousness as an encouragement for me to get thin. Honestly, I felt he was bribing. Yes, I did frown back then because it was a 'size-zero-thing' but now, after remeasuring my curves,I just might reconsider wearing it.

    I put on the sari and beheld myself in the looking glass. And a smirk for all the deaths I'm responsible for tonight.
    I pair a duo of golden jhumkas, who's tassles reflected the much golden light of our room into a thousand prisms. Then I lift my makeup brush and leave my eyes in a smoke and lips a darker red than the color of my sari. I wear one of those gray lenses which never fails to please him. My hairs were parted in two and a neat bun at the end to finish the look.

    I step out of the room carefully balancing either side of the long robe which hanged from my right shoulder and flowed into the air. The lights of the room, striking the beads bordering the sari and the intricate sequin work, danced in it's own glory.
    I call his name when he's at the far end of the living room, staring outside the window. He turns around and his eyes fixes on me, awestruck.A smirk escapes his lips which he had unknowingly kept bitten.

    "I thought you would never wear it." he says with the sides of his cheeks turning a faint red.
    "Honey, I still have ears to be called old." I remark in a vintage fashion.
    With that he bows down and stretches out his hand, "Milady.", an obviously pretended gesture, to which I, like any other Victoria, lavishly fan my hands and say in an artificial accent.
    "Oh monsieur, you flatter me too much. Indeed, a desperately failed attempt to be one."
    We crack into our hearty laughs and carry it to the parking lot where waited for us was our vintage sedan in which, after settling, he suddenly popped his head towards me,
    "How much time until our moonpie wakes up?"
    "Two hours." I say lifting two fingers on his face.

    It's really funny and ironic at the same time how time has changed so much. I recall from my unmarried days when he used to ask me " how much time do we have before your mom wakes up?" And I had to barely lift any fingers because I would be whispering "15 minutes."
    "Two hours..two hours." His hands tightly grips the driving wheel as he repeats like an idiot.
    "And here we are, effectively wasting our two hours, warming our seats in the parking lot and staring into absolute nothingness. How romantic!"

    My voice breaks him out of his reverie and he twists the keys in response to which the engine roars to life.
    A few metres ahead, I roll the volumizer to play a soft, slow song. The music sways in the air and calmness hangs between the two of us. I lean onto the window and almost give into a siesta. Just when, the volume is turned up and the song is changed from soft to something that bangs the ears.

    "What're you doing? Are you crazy?" I scream right from my lungs but my voice just fades within the deafening music before reaching his ears. I dig my fingers into my ears in an attempt to shut the noise. I see his lips moving, as if he is trying to sing along. He offers me a quick glance and breaks into a devilish chuckle. I mouth a 'I hate you', when in an air of moment, he grabs both my feet and siezes them between his arms.
    After countless of efforts to break free, I give in with no choice but to wait for the car to stop at his desired destination. And it did. At first I thought he was mistaken. Because it stopped in front of a tall building with fancy lights all over and an elegant framework. The kind of place I wouldn't dare to have coffee in- much less an entire dinner. Pocket-pincher? No, I just save a lot.

    He steps out of the car and holds the door open for me. I refuse to take his extended hand and his worried tone reaches me,
    "What's wrong, my love?"
    "I can't eat here." I cross my arms and avert my eyes from his.
    He draws out a sharp exhale and actually drags me out of the car, towards the tall building.
    "Dear, this is spendthr-" he stops me midway by pressing his finger on my lips.
    "Not tonight."

    There's no convinving a 'convinced him'.

    With that, we enter the building and it feels as if I have stopped breathing. The entrance is a large corridor following a spherical painting like fishpool and golden spotlights shining in each corner and everywhere. A magnificent chandelier hangs from the centre of the sky-high ceiling, whose lights hits the trickling beads of my sari and shatter into a million kaleidoscopic pieces.
    I look around like a 5 year old who just entered an amusement park.

    I glance at him who is already staring at me, smiling.
    "This is..beautiful." i place my hand on my heart and say searching for words, wonderstruck- still looking around.
    "It is." He says, his eyes still fixated on me, and I hit him playfully when I take in his attempt to flirt.
    "Wait till you see the top."
    And he takes my hand and trail me towards the elevator.
    Inside, I discover the grandest elevator I had been in, yet. I ogle at the mini lights in the corners that spreaded on the glass-like, royalishly carved walls of the elevator.
    Just then, he pulls me closer from my waist.
    "Close your eyes." And I do as he instructs. Then he leaves tiny specks on my shoulder, pushing a wave of adrenaline to run down my spine with each.
    The elevator bell dings and we peel apart from each other to a distance which can be called appropriate by any onlooker.
    I close my eyes again as he walks me out of the lift.

    "Okay, now open them."

    I open my eyes without demur, my lips slightly bitten from the curiosity. Just as my eyes flicker open, I clasp my hands over my mouth and a loud gasp leaves me.
    The sight which stood in front of me was beyond inexplicable. I felt short of words to gather it into a description. The entrance was a beautiful floral arch supported by two white Roman-style pillars, sharply carved with distinct designs. Bouquets with all the colors I had never seen in a flower before, were tied to the centre of the pillars with a golden ribbon.
    The scenary which followed was much breathtaking.
    He took either of my hand and I followed in his steps, constantly repeating under my breath, "All praise is for the almighty, he is the greatest."

    Our steps followed into a balcony, in the centre of which two chairs parted by a table, were neatly organized. The chairs were draped by a white cloth, the centre of which was fastened by a fancy golden bow.
    He nodded towards the staffs and they nodded back upon delivery, after which they rushed out.
    So this was all an expert's arrangement.
    What actually paid for my smile was the three-headed mantlepiece on the table, each of which supported a precisely fixed candle.

    "Ahhan! A candle-light dinner."


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    5th anniversary
    {Part I of II}

    Oh my better half!
    Prologue #1