• lackintalent_16 10w

    The Impulse to truly love someone,
    and wait for the puppeteer
    to let go of the strings,
    are the most difficult things
    that humans mind has created.
    The unexplainable yearn
    to devour the warmth and
    simultaneously, to let go-of the desire
    has left me in an abyss.

    These moments – you
    have paused everything, even gravity,
    It’s like starving oneself to death,
    despite scrumptious food is lying front of you.
    That is, how I felt,
    when you inhabited my home, my space.
    I was moment away from leaving gravity,
    or conjuring spells –
    to transform myself into a frog.
    Instead I ran away from life –
    to a universe completely untouched by you,
    with a sole hope that you will be left alone,
    like those old clothes in wardrobe,
    precious but untouched.

    You must know – I am an observer,
    a dark manifestation of a repressed energy,
    that metamorphosed in this ungodly world
    suffocating in company
    yet claustrophobic in its own.
    I do not know,
    if it was the doing of my upbringing,
    or the elusive vagabonds I have met before,
    or some psychological disorder,
    that made me what I am.

    So, here I plead before you,
    the next time you are looking
    for home in me,
    please do not
    I am not something
    that fill your brooding void,
    or to calm your unfathomable anxiety,
    but If you want to create a new universe,
    where we can find our own oasis,
    then perhaps,
    I can unpack my bags,
    and keep my favorite clothes in your wardrobe.