• heenah 5w

    I know that the theory of bubble universe is
    only limited to the hypothesis,but sometime
    i thought if it would be real so its means our
    every action or process give rise to a new
    bubble universe but i think if it would be truth
    than i think the bubble universe is form but not
    in form of matter but in form of energy which
    reflect our action and all our process are store
    in this bubble univers in a form of reflection
    not in form of matter and a second thought
    which comes to in my mind our universe constantly spreading but one day it would be
    shrinking than our universe are vanish with us
    than our good or bad deeds definitely has a result
    because according to newtons third law of motion
    every action has opposite and equal reaction,than
    our actions wether good or bad have to be same,
    which will get us in the form of paradise or hell.
    I know its stupid for world but its my thoughts.

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    Bubble universe

    my stupid thoughts.